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Based on the 160 valid questionnaires collected firsthand for this study, Luxe.CO Intelligence has specially created 6 charts to understand the perspectives of current high-end Chinese consumers on airport shopping.

1月 10, 2024

Hermès is often regarded as a “luxury trendsetter,” and the information shared by its executives holds significant reference value for understanding the ever-evolving luxury industry.

11月 01, 2023

Duplaix also acknowledged that the performance of the Chinese market has not actually reached the levels predicted earlier this year.

10月 31, 2023

This article has selected quotes from 11 executives of these 11 brands, providing insights into their understanding of Chinese consumers and niche markets.

10月 24, 2023

Luxeplace.com, based on 181 valid questionnaires collected firsthand, has specially created 5 charts.

9月 21, 2023

The proportion of consumers planning to increase expenditures and “upgrade” to more expensive brands in the next six months has seen an increase.

8月 28, 2023

“China is our most important market. Over the past three years, we have recruited an incredibly talented team here and established a new leadership structure. We have also made the strategic decision to set our Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, further dedicating more resources specifically for the Chinese market.”

7月 03, 2023

Global Comparable Store Sales Accelerate YoY Recovery, Reaching 110% in March, Driven by Chinese Mainland Consumers’ Gradual Return.

4月 13, 2023

Since China reopened its borders in January, the recovery of mainland Chinese shoppers has been steadily improving, with a recovery rate of 22% for consumption in the European mainland region and 27% for consumption in the Asia-Pacific region.

3月 17, 2023