Research & Reports

According to the report, Chinese high-spending consumers exhibit a willingness to spend that is 50% higher than the global average.

Jul 13, 2023

Over the past year (June 2022 to June 2023), a total of 351 dynamics were recorded for 38 niche fragrance brands in China. Among these brands, 19 opened 58 new stores, while 15 brands launched 39 pop-up shops.

Jul 13, 2023

In Mario Dedivanovic’s 20th year as a makeup artist, he established his own beauty brand called Makeup by Mario.

Jun 30, 2023

COMO Le Montrachet is located in the heart of the famous wine-producing region of Burgundy, adjacent to the Montrachet vineyard, and has a total of 30 suites.

May 09, 2023

With the arrival of the new energy era, not only has it changed the power mode of cars and disrupted the traditional automotive competitive landscape, but it has also changed the relationship between cars and users.

Mar 01, 2023

Luxe.CO will host an online seminar on Friday, February 17, to reveal the essence of this report.

Feb 16, 2023

Among the important cross-border cooperations in the automotive field in the past two months, four are related to sports and outdoor shoes. 

Feb 06, 2023

Chanel continues to invest in Italy, acquiring eight local companies in three years.

Feb 05, 2023

LuxeCO and Weibo jointly focus on luxury brands’ digital marketing in China and release the exclusive “2022 China Luxury Marketing Report”.

Dec 23, 2022

In this exclusive report published by Luxe.CO Intelligence, we have systematically recorded 173 significant international and local activities, from the perspectives of physical stores, pop-ups, new products and co-branding, exhibitions, fashion shows, visual communication, food and beverage, endorsements, digitization, sustainability/supply chain, of the brand from January to the end of November 2022,

Dec 21, 2022